This game was made for #1hgj [[Yep. I want to play now->passage1]] This is a #shortGame <section> <img src="screenshot.png"> </section>One lonely, rainy night, when you were a kid, you learned, how to properly, use commas. Another time when you were a kid, you got //lost//. [[Find your way home.->forest1]]=><= You are in the middle of a forest. [[North->forest1]] [[East->forest2]] [[West->forest1]] [[South->forest3]]=><= Your still in a gosh dang forest. [[North->forest1]] [[East->forest2]] [[West->forest1]] [[South->forest3]]Your **still** in the middle of the forest. You see a road. [[Follow the road->road1]] [[Walk around aimlessly->forest4]]=><= The road continues on. [[Folow road->road2]] [[Go back->forest3]]=><= You see a house in the middle of a clearing. [[I rebel against your wishes. Go the other way.->forest1]] [[Fine, I'll go to the house.->house1]]You walk up to the house. It is made of... green bricks? //Strange//. You see a man look it out of a window. Where did the window come from? //Stranger//... [[Knock on the door.->house2]]You are back to civilization! Where's your house... [[Restart->passage1]]//knock knock knock//. The man opens the door and says,"look me in the eyes. See nothing but the eyes. Don't look around the eyes. There are **only the eyes**. He adopts you and gets you in a cult. Kids, #Don'tTrustStrangers [[Restart->passage1]] note: HOW THE HECK DO I MAKE A GAME WITH THIS THEME!!!